Nam Cat Tien National Park is renowned for its protected wildlife and wonderful nature. It is also the home to thousands of plants and species. Cat Tien National Park is located crossing through 3 provinces, including 5 wards which are Cat Tien, Bao Lam (Lam Dong), Tan Phu, Vinh Cuu (Dong Nai), Bu Dang (Binh Phuoc province). Nam Cat Tien is located in Dong Nai Province where there are a lot of wetlands, fishes and birds, etc. The tour to Nam Cat Tien national park is an adventurous journey. There are various types of activity in the park. If you are a real adventure, you can take an organized tour to explore most of the places. The most popular tour takes 2 days. You can buy the tour in advance or at the park. Tours offered by travel agencies are highly recommended since they include two-way tickets to and from the park. Park Tour will make your extraordinary adventure trip.

Beautiful sunset captured at the Nam Cat Tien National Park Vietnam | Saigon Riders

Beautiful sunset captured at the Nam Cat Tien National Park Vietnam

The Park is super-large and having different types of activities. Thus, if you want to spend time exploring most of the place, joining an organized tour is highly recommended. The most popular tour for nature-lover travellers is the Cat Tien National Park Tour 2 days which will cover the Nam Cat Tien area and part of other areas of the park. Moreover, the tours are offered by travel agencies or you can also buy the tours right at the Park. The difference is travel agencies include 2-way transportation to and back from the Park.

With a tour adventure Nam Cat Tien, there are 4 major destinations in the national park for you to wander around.

1. Eco-tour

Eco Tour is designed for ones who want to sightsee the beauty of the forest, especially the rare and precious wood trees. Here you can trek through the place, or hire and ride a bike around the place (around 30,000VND/ hour) which is safe from the wild animals. Furthermore, if you need to get known more of the place, you can book a tour guide with a price around 150,000VND/ day.

Riding a bike in the jungle is an awesome option to optimize your time exploring | Saigon Riders

Riding a bike in the jungle is an awesome option to optimize your time exploring

2. Crocodile Lake and wetland complex

This is a must-go attraction which is home to countless birds and crocodiles. The place is attracting for its green spacious area, fresh air and pretty. Yet, it is quite far from the entrance to the Nam Cat Tien National Park, it is about 10km going on a jeep (you should hire one) and then walk 5km more to get to the spot. You will be seeing crocodiles here, a lot. Fortunately, they are quite friendly (they do not see us as preys, hopefully). Besides, there are some towers for travellers to capture birds in the scenario.


A crocodile is skillfully catching fishes for his lunch

3. Night Safari

The night safari is a must-have for those who truly join the Tour Nam Cat Tien Adventure. Here you will go to see the wildlife around in the early evening with tour guides. You will see different ways to earn a meal of different animals and their lifestyle. It is noticed and obligatory that tourist have to follow instructions, regulations of the Park for the safety of you and other people around.

4. Visiting S’tieng ethnic group in Ta Lai tourist zone

Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups, catering all around Vietnam from the North to the South. In the Nam Cat Tien area, there are 3 major groups: S’tiêng, Mạ, and Tày. Coming here to the S’tieng village, you will experience their typical daily activities which their unique customs and costumes. There are several other attractions in the village: God Waterfall, traditional house in Ta Lai, White Rock Hill, Bat Cave…


An S’tiêng teenager is sewing traditional cloth

Those 04 spotlights of the Nam Cat Tien Park tour adventure make the most of your trip to this reserved national park in a short time (2 days). You can choose to stay there longer to enjoy peaceful moments, having a relaxing trip with a great nature. We hope you enjoy your trip and feel free to share with us your stories.

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