Mekong Delta is the symbol of the Southwest of Vietnam. Can Tho is one of the provinces belonging to Mekong Delta. Local people are super friendly and generous. They have a very unique lifestyle. This place is an irresistible destination due to its rustic areas. There are a lot of things to explore in Can Tho including food and drink, religious or cultural activities.

1. The first thing you should do in Can Tho is to joy Cai Rang floating market early in the morning
Local people and tourists are really into Cai Rang floating marketing due to its bustling attraction. It is about 6km far from Can Tho City. If you stay near Ninh Kieu Wharf, it takes approximately 30 minutes to come to the floating market.
Cai Rang floating market starts very early in the morning. All trading activities happen on boats. People sell agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables. You should be happy since all of the food here is fresh and cheap.
Each boat has a long vertical column hanging samples of what people are trying to sell. It also depends on the season where there are seasonal fruits and activities, which make this place a highlight in Can Tho Vietnam.

Can Tho | Saigon Riders 1

Sidewalk at Ninh Kieu Pier, Can Tho has just been into operation since Feb 2016

1. Cai Rang (in local language: Cái Răng) float market, the first to go in Can Tho

Cai Rang float market is the most attractive and bustling for both the local and the tourists. Located 6km away from the Can Tho city and 30min floating on the river from the Ninh Kieu pier.

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A busy corner at the Cai Rang floating market, Can Tho, Vietnam

The floating market wakes up early in the morning with dozens of big and small boats selling agricultural products, with various types of fruits, fishes, drinks, and cuisines. All is fresh, bringing you away from the busy city to the busy fairs on Can Tho Mekong Delta Vietnam tours.

Every boat has a long upright pole to hang samples of the goods on sale so that the visitors can see what the local is offering from a distance. It also depends on the season that there are seasonal fruits and activities, which make the place a spotlight in Can Tho Vietnam tourism.

2. Visit spacious hick gardens of tropical fruits

Originally, these fruit gardens have only one purpose that is to provide fresh fruits to the city like Can Tho, Saigon, and other provinces. There are many popular gardens, My Khanh, Binh Thuy, Phung Hiep, etc. just to name a few.

When it comes to tourism development, more and more travelers enjoy visiting the gardens, tasting the newly harvested, and that the investors and garden owners started to put more effort to make these gardens tourist attraction.

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A floating tour for visitors to the garden at My Khanh hick garden

3. Pagodas in Can Tho, with impressive ancient architecture

Pagodas are not usually mentioned in the Can Tho tourist information as busy attractions. Yet, Can Tho is also famous for its temples and pagodas. These places are not just about the religions but the cultures and architectures as well. Tourists should visit one of the followings: Phuong Nam Zen Monastery (locally called: Thiền Viện Trúc Lâm Phương Nam), Ong Pagoda (locally called: Chùa Ông), Munir Ansay Pagoda, Nam Nha Pagoda (locally called: Chùa Nam Nhã), etc.

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Ong Pagoda is always popular among the tourists and the local people

Besides the large-sized pagodas listed, there are a lot more smaller-sized temples and pagodas around Can Tho, which you can pass by on your ways to the famous attractions.

4. Must-try Can Tho cuisines & specialities

It will be a deep regret when you visit Can Tho without tasting its special dishes.

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Sa Dec dried rice noodles (locally called: Hủ tiếu khô Sa Đéc) is delicious with pork & tripe, green salad, and tasty sauce

Prune wine, especially brand “Sau Tia” (in the local: Sáu Tia), has its fame recently for its natural, hygiene fermented production which makes it a healthy wine, supporting our daily digestion without any headaches. It is more delicious when cold drinking.

Grilled snails with green pepper mark an unforgettable taste of your Can Tho Vietnam travels. The snails are boiled quickly, then grilled with a blended sauce of pepper, garlic, fish sauce. The grilled snails are served with Vietnamese coriander (locally called: Rau răm). This a common and favourite dishes of the local people in Can Tho.

5. Go shopping at Tay Do Night Market (locally called: Tây Đô) – the largest shopping center

Can Tho by night is highlighted by the Tay Do night market with a wide range of commodities, from fresh fruits, vegetable, flowers to cosmetics, clothing, souvenirs, etc. It’s not just all about trading tropical and specialities of the local that makes Can Tho Vietnam tourism but entertainment & recreation programs which reflects the contemporary artistic activities.

Can Tho | Saigon Riders 11

Various commodities are in the display by night at Tay Do Night Market, Can Tho Mekong Delta

Can Tho Mekong Delta Vietnam is a home of the beauty of the South, symbolized with the floating market, night market and tremendous fresh tropical fruits. The local people are friendly and simple-minded and tourists can feel their warm welcome and greeting.

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