Comparing to other countries in Asia such as Japan, Korea or Singapore, Vietnam is much cheaper. However, there are lots of adventurous journeys waiting for you to explore. Located in the South of Vietnam and around 40 km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnel is a must-visit destination. This is a historical sanctuary where more than 200 km underground system was built during the Vietnam War. By visiting this place, you can see the huge underground hideouts and know more about the Vietnam War.

The tunnels have been made a complex system. Refugees and Vietnamese soldiers lived there to hide from bombing and enemies during the war. Nowadays, it is an interesting place to visit and memorize the past. Besides the underground tunnels, there are also several activities in this area for you to enjoy your trip. Why don’t you take a trip which you can both learn history and enjoy yourself through amazing activities.

1. Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels is currently well-known underground destination in Cu Chi District. It’s not very far from Ho CityMinh city to the North-west about 43 miles. The tunnels are a complex system as a village under the ground which was built to become the chief military tactic in the southern part. The system was divided into various rooms and played the role of clinic, kitchen, storage, facilities and headquarters. It also helped the soldier carry out attacks and ambushes. Once you are discovering the Tunnel, there is also a chance to see different types of traps used and understand how VietnameseSoldiers applied Du Kich tactics in the past.

cu chi tunnels map | Saigon Riders

Cu Chi Tunnels system

More information:
  • – Opening hours: 7 am – 5 pm (Sunday opens 24 hours)
  • – Entrance fee: 20.000 VND/person (Vietnamese) or  80.000VND/person (Foreigner)

2. Ben Duoc Memorial Temple

The Ben Duoc Memorial temple is also located in the systems Cu Chi tunnels. It was built in 1993 to commemorate the huge fellow Viet Minh soldiers who fought and sacrificed on this land in Vietnam war. The temple has a special structure which includes a wide gate consisting of three entrance gates, a memorial house, a tower comprised of 9 stories, the main temple and a flower garden. Technically, the main temple is used for worship. Let’s have a chance to visit the Temple because of its interesting ritual and history meaning.

Ben Duoc Temple | Saigon Riders

Ben Duoc Memorial Temple

3. Cu Chi Tunnel guns – an amazing range

At the end of the Cu Chi tunnel tour, there is also a firing range where you can shoot a famous AK-47, MK 16 and so on. Cu Chi Tunnels gun range is a national defence sport shooting range.
If you are planning to go with a group of people, you and your friends should try the paintballing game in Cu Chi. Paintball is a fun game because of teamwork and strategy which are wearing a military uniform, running through the woods, hiding behind inflatable bunkers, shooting a colour ball to your opponents.

4. Food tour

During Cu Chi tour, you can also pick an eco-friendly farmable tour. You will visit the organic farm and become a real Vietnamese farmer such as feeding livestock, collecting your all vegetables, mushrooms, fruits and more. Then you can learn how to prepare healthy meals using organic produce in cooking class. This tour is a great way to have your own experience regarding farm life agriculture, countryside perspective, Vietnamese dishes, and culture.

cu chi organic farm | Saigon Riders

You should visit an organic farm in Cu Chi

More information:
  • – Cooking class lasts from 10 am to 1:30 pm Visiting HCM Agricultural Villages.
  • – You can also visit HCMC Agricultural villages, rice paper factory and other farms.

5. Cao Dai Great Temple

From Cu Chi, you can head to Cao Dai Great Temple in Tay Ninh Province. In fact, Cao Dai religion (Caodaism) is a unique Vietnamese religious in the southern founded in 1926. That incorporates aspects of all the world’s great religions Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and even Catholicism. Cao Dai Great Temple is the most colourful temple in terms of architecture and design. You can visit it all about the daily mysterious and see the noon meditation in the central temple around 12 pm.

Cao Dai Temple | Saigon Riders

Cao Dai Temple

More information:
  • – Mass schedule: 6 am, 12 pm, 18 pm, 00 am
  • – Entrance fee: free
  • – Open hours: 24 hours every day

6. Travel tips

  • – Wearing outdoor clothing are recommended
  • – Be generally respectful and dress up modestly allowed when you visit the religion destinations
  • – Following the tour guide to avoid getting lost
  • – While being in Cu Chi Tunnel gun range, please follow all the instructions of guides

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