The Mekong Delta is one of the most attractive destinations to tourists in Vietnam. Mekong Delta welcomes thousands of visitors each year. Tourists are not only from Vietnam but also from the whole world over. They all want to explore Mekong Delta’s charms of beauty and heritage. You can depart from Ho Chi Minh City and be on a longtail boat. The waterways are in front of your eyes. Mekong river length is ranked number 12 in the world. It goes through 6 countries such as Myanmar, China, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Ultimately, the river flows into Vietnam’s East Sea.
For a perfectly relaxing trip, you should better pick the right accommodation while travelling to Mekong Delta. The price is different depending on where do you want to stay and which facilities in the accommodation you desire. There are many options for you from homestay to lodge and resort.


The most expected to join the activity in the Mekong Delta: floating market

1. The price depends on your own choice

So, how much is Mekong Delta tour? The prices are various depending on the number of days you go, how many activities you will be able to join, how good is your food, and how comfortable and fancy is your accommodation, etc. Mekong Delta tour cost also depends on how far you go, as the Mekong Delta covers 13 provinces. If you go to the South’s pole (Cà Mau province), then it would cost you most and take you more time traveling there. However, it worths.


Traveling to Mekong on a cruise can also give you the best of the cultural experience and comfortable accommodation

Usually, a 1-day tour costs around 250,000 VND (around 11 USD) traveling by bus, and around 2,500,000 VND (around 110 USD) for a 1 day Mekong river cruise. If you go on a 2-day tour, it costs you around 1,500,000 VND (approx. 75 USD). This tour includes accommodation (shared room at a 2-star or 3-star hotel), meals, transportation to the attraction, and an English-spoken guide. It is similar to 3-day tour or longer tour.

2. Competitive price

Many travel agencies want to keep their price competitively low so that they could attract more travelers. They plan a trip and cutting down any unnecessary features to them as long as the basis is remained. That is why going on a tour sounds safe and guaranteed an enjoyable trip but it depends. If you don’t have any requirement for your accommodation, going on a tour this way will help you save your money and have the best budget travel. In case you are going on a relaxing trip and you want to spend more time enjoying your happy moment during the trip, especially staying for some nights at a certain place.

3. Long-stay options

Mekong Delta day tour price is affordable to a budget of most tourists. Yet, if you have more to spend and longer time to stay, here is a short list of where to stay in Mekong Delta if you want to have a fancy night:

Boutique Lodge Can Tho Homestay, Can Tho City

Can Tho is said to be the capital of the Mekong Delta. You should have a stop at this developing city. The place is reviewed as an exceptional place for tourists. The homestay does not just meet the basis but also does provide excellent services. Guests love Boutique Lodge for its location which is next to the river, its features: free bike, helping organized a tour to floating market, local food, pleasant and cozy stay, etc.


A wooden cozy room, together with a patio with garden views

Mango Home Riverside Bed and Breakfast, Ben Tre province

Ben Tre is a less popular destination for traveling than Can Tho. However, it is known as a home for various type of good and fresh coconut. The Mango Home offers clean and comfortable accommodation, with lots of services for relaxing. This place features a swimming pool, sun terrace and waterfront lounge for you to enjoy your day in the middle of Mekong. There is also an in-house restaurant where an array of local dishes is well served.


This is the swimming pool captured at a beautiful sun dawn

Phuong Thao Homestay, Vinh Long

Vinh Long is famous for its various fruit orchards which are suppliers for most fruit vendors in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). It is not as busy as Can Tho city so that you can truly enjoy a peaceful stay in this somehow remote but convenient homestay.


A colorful garden at the Phuong Thao homestay, Vinh Long province

The Island Lodge, My Tho province

If Can Tho is like the prince of the Mekong Delta (the capital), then My Tho is granted the princess here. The place is famous for its different types of rice. The Island Lodge is highly recommended if you are looking for a high-end stay in Mekong Delta. You will love swimming in a fancy pool with a view of the Mekong River. Besides that, the Lodge has a luxurious spa, spacious garden, modern restaurant and snack bar. This Island Lodge is rated for the best value in My Tho.


Relaxing swimming pool with an open view to the Mekong river makes this place awesome

No matter where you stay at during your Mekong Delta tour, it is no doubt that you will have joyful experience in the Mekong Delta, as there are more activities and attraction sights for you to explore.

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