My Tho is a city belonging to Mekong Delta, one of the famous regions in the South of Vietnam. It takes about 2 hours to reach My Tho, the capital city of Tien Giang Province. In this region, it serves as the economic, education and technological hub. Besides the growth of the economy, My Tho has a long cultural and traditional history. Foremost, you cannot deny its cuisines.

A long history has made My Tho an attractive destination
Founded in the 1680s, My Tho – The Mekong Delta was named after My Tho River. At the time of establishment, My Tho was part of the old Khmer Empire. While in the French colonial period, My Tho was set as a strategic place alongside with Saigon. Thanks to this, My Tho has been developed, prospered and welcomed a lot of immigrants. It is quite near Saigon, My Tho is the gateway to Mekong Delta. This is the reason why there are a lot of tours or trips visiting My Tho in Mekong Delta.

A long history has made My Tho a favourite place to visit

My Tho – Mekong Delta was founded in the 1680s. The city was named after the My Tho River. At that time, this area was part of the former Khmer Empire. During the French colonial era, along with Saigon, My Tho was a major strategic area in Vietnam. In this time, My Tho – Mekong River area stated developing, prospering and attracting more immigrants.

My Tho - Mekong Delta | Saigon Riders

My Tho – Mekong Delta was founded in the 1680s

Because of its proximity to Saigon, My Tho used to be the gateway to Mekong Delta. Since then, there has been a huge convenience for tourism and trading there. My Tho – Mekong Delta, Vietnam is famous for floating markets, a signature dish called “hu tiu My Tho” and immense rice fields.

My Tho - Rice fields | Saigon Riders

How to get to My Tho?

You can head to My Tho from anywhere in Vietnam since it is connected to the rest of the country through national route 1 A and Tien River. People mainly use motorbikes and boats for transportation. From Saigon, there are a lot of My Tho – Mekong Delta tours for your choice. Basically, you will be on a bus to travel 70 km from Saigon to My Tho in these tours in around. More interestingly, travelling by motorbikes will bring you more joy and adventure. Two-hour riding from Saigon leads to you an amazing city.

Tips for you:

– Bus fares from Saigon to My Tho can range from 40,000 VND to 150,000 VND. You better book your ticket in advance in public holidays in Vietnam. Bus fares are sold at Mien Dong Coach Station in Binh Thanh District or De Tham – Pham Ngu Lao area in District 1.

– If you want to ride a motorbike or be a pillion rider, there are many My Tho Mekong Delta Tours in Saigon for you to pick.

What to do in My Tho?

1. You can’t miss the floating market

In general, the most popular feature in Mekong Delta is the floating markets. From My Tho, you can book a private boat to visit Ben Tre province. Your mood will be uplifted and you seem to be lost in the dense of coconut trees lying in the river banks. From there, you will be amazed by dozens of tropical fruit trees such as Logan, jackfruit and rambutan.

My Tho | Saigon Riders

Coconut trees are lying in the river banks

Between My Tho and Ben Tre, there are 4 islands along Tien River. They are Dragon (Con Tan Long), Unicorn (Con Thoi Son), Tortoise (Con Quy) and Phoenix (Con Phung) islands. In addition to boat rides, you can visit some places such as Vinh Trang Temple, Cao Dai Temple or Dong Tam Snake farm.

2. Food, food and food

You are a food blogger, food critique, food photographer or just an ordinary tourist, it’s sure that your belly will be satisfied with the local specialties.

Hu tiu My Tho is the most famous dish here. This authentic local food is made from instant and crystal noodles and served with special broth, meat and vegetables. Hu tiu sa te is another type of hu tiu My Tho. However, it is more flavourful and spicier. Hu tiu My Tho smells best if you squeeze a little lime juice in the bowl and eat with several star-fruit slices.

Hu tiu My Tho | Saigon Riders

Hu tiu sa te My Tho, a must-try dish in Mekong Delta

Tips for you:

– You can find hu tiu My Tho behind Nguyen Dinh Chieu school.

– Heading to Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street, you can smell the tasty hu tiu sa te.

Although you can find grilled banana (chuoi nuong) anywhere in Saigon, you should try it in My Tho because of dense coconut juice inside. The best place selling grilled banana in My Tho is located behind Quang Dai supermarket. Grill bananas are usually sold out very soon. Hence, you better come there around 3 pm to 5 pm.

Grilled banana | Saigon Riders

Delicious grilled banana served with thick coconut milk

If you want to enjoy food & drink in a nice place with a beautiful view, a rooftop cafe is an option for you. From the rooftop of Mekong Hotel, you can have a panorama view of both the city and river. You can walk down the street in the city in the evening to enjoy the atmosphere of this city. More fun is waiting for your exploration!

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