Cat Tien National Park passes through three provinces: Dong Nai, Lam Dong and Binh Phuoc. It is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Vietnam. The area is around 70,548 hectares. The park is the home to many plants and species. Some of the species in this park are listed as rare animals and plants. The park also has wide grasslands and long streams. A trip to Cat Tien National Park makes you feel like you are emerging in the wonderful nature. It is an adventurous journey to the park since there are a lot of wetlands, fishes, birds and etc. to explore.

The park provides plenty of activities. If you want to explore most of the places in Nam Cat Tien, you should take a two-day tour. You can start your trip from Saigon if you buy a tour from a travel agency. If you want to go there by yourself and take a tour later, you can buy it at the park as well.


The Nam Cat Tien National Park has reserved primitive forests, rare plants and animals

1. How far is Nam Cat Tien Nation Park from Saigon?

The park is located about 150km from Ho Chi Minh City, which is not too far away. Tourists can catch a bus, joining an organized tour or riding motorbikes to get to the place. However, travellers should mind the weather when planning for their Nam Cat Tien National Park trip. It is advised that travellers should go to the park from December to May, as the weather will be dry, less rainy, makes it easier and prettier when exploring wildlife there in a day. For other times, it is still good to go for a trip there but you should check the weather well in advance to make sure your day in the park will not be ruined by the rain.


Choosing the right time to travel, you will have a great experience with the great nature

2. When is the right time to visit?

Nature-lovers will love trekking through the primitive Nam Cat Tien forest, seeing rare, strange ancient trees, wood trees, colourful plants and flowers, precious herbals and medical plants. Tourists can also hire a jeep car to be carried through the forest, for a bicycle to ride around and enjoy the nature themselves. Comes together with the flora kingdom is the fauna, with various types of birds, wild and half-wild animals.


Trekking through the primitive forest on the Nam Cat Tien National Park day trip

3. Crocodile Lake – A feature of Nam Cat Tien National Park

It is shown on Cat Tien National Park TripAdvisor page that the remarkable here is the Crocodile Lake Wetland Complex (locally called: Bàu Sấu) and the guided night safari trip to the wildlife. The crocodiles here are blended, from the common ones to the red-listed ones. It’s an amazing fact that the crocodile here is so much friendly that trekkers can sit by the lake, watching crocodiles (in the lake, of course) catch its prey (and of course, not tourists), or just simply seeing their eyes wandering around the lake surface.


It looks safe when the crocodile has its prey already. If not, well, you should be careful. [just kidding]

4. Spending a night in the forest

It is not enough if you just have a Cat Tien National Park day trip, you should spend a night there and enjoy a guided night safari. This is the only place in Vietnam having this service. With a price of around 150,000 VND to 250,000 VND, tourists are carried and guided through the forest and seeing the animals running around, finding their prey or hiding from their predators.


Nightlife in the National Park

5. Where to stay in nature?

Last but not least, a must-check-in place is the Forest Floor Lodge Vietnam, located right inside the national park. The Forest Floor Lodge Vietnam TripAdvisor is highly reviewed and recommended. That eco hotel and resort offers perfect escapes from the busy city life, relaxing in the middle of the forest with different options: tents, eco-lodges, luxury lodges.


A typical convenient (and safe) tent in the middle of the forest in Nam Cat Tien National Park

We hope you enjoy your trip and feel free to share with us your stories.

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