Including more than 200 km underground tunnels, Cu Chi made a complex underground hideout. This is a main axis system consisting of many branches. These branches connect with each other and create underground shelters for citizens and soldiers during the Vietnam War. Nowadays, Cu Chi Tunnel is a famous tourist attraction in Vietnam.

According to The New York Times, Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam is one of the World’s coolest places in Southeast Asia. During Vietnam war, the suburban Cu Chi district of Ho Chi Minh city was the site of hundreds of these tunnels as a network of elaborate underground passageways to move supplies, communications centre, troops, equipment. Nowadays, Cu Chi Tunnels is the well-known underground destination must visit in Ho Chi Minh city.

1. Cu Chi Tunnels history in Vietnam War

Located around 43 miles northeast from downtown Ho Chi Minh City, the peaceful tunnels are preserved as a war memorial. This place is also one of Vietnam’s major tourist attraction.

booby trap Cu Chi Tunnels | Saigon Riders

Booby trap in Cu Chi Tunnel in Vietnam – a scary place

Back to the Vietnam War, the tunnels were built over a period of 30 years. In the late 1940s, it became one of the most famous war battlegrounds. As a result, the whole area became a “free-fire zone” and was carpet-bombed in one of many American “Scorched-earth” policies at that time. This underground maze played an important role in The Viet Cong’s resistance against the American forces. People literally squatted down and moved in in the dark and use very simple hand tools to dug for 30 years.

meeting room Cu Chi Tunnels | Saigon Riders

Meeting room, where Viet Cong Soldiers had discussions during the war

2. The structure of Cu Chi Tunnels

When you visit the tunnel system, you will understand how Cu Chi Tunnel Vietnam is very complex. They not just housed the factory workers assembling weapons and war equipment but also citizens as well. Other than that, the system stocked firearms, food and materials, smoke-free kitchens, hospital for wounded people, shelters for women, children and the elders. In some tunnels, entire villages could be found hiding. Within three layers of tunnels for its own manifest function, the tunnels played as the village under the ground.

cu chi tunnels map | Saigon Riders

Cu Chi Tunnels system

3. Main activities

If you are curious to see what underground life was in Cu Chi Tunnel Vietnam war and how to experience a Vietnamese soldier’s life. This place is a feature of Cu Chi where most of the historical stories happened during the war. You can crawl through some of safer areas of the tunnels, view command centers and booby trap. Other than that, one of the most interesting experiences is to try cassava served with sesame. You will see how dishes are made from the famous non-smoking Hoang Cam kitchen. It will be more tasty when you try cassava with a hot cup of tea. These are food and drink which Vietnamese soldiers used to have almost every day during the war.

At the end of the tour, if you have time and would like to have more outside experiences, there are some activities including shooting game, swimming, walking, cycling near the lake. In addition, if you want to get a bit more adventurous joy, there is also a firing range where you can shoot a famous AK-47 rifle, MK16 or other guys.

Cassava and sesame | Saigon Riders

Cassava and sesame – a popular dish in Cu Chi Tunnel

4. Travel tips

  • – Following the tour guide to avoid getting lost.
  • – Carry your own water and hat.
  • – Wearing outdoor clothing are recommended.

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