What can you imagine when you are planning to travel to South East Asia including Vietnam? Is it about good food? Is it about cheap expense? Or is it about cultural heritage? You all are right. Foremost, there is one thing you can only see in some of South East Asian countries. It is the famous floating market which is known by the whole world over. Vietnam is proud of having Mekong Delta which is a home of hundreds of floating creatures on the river. The floating markets in this area are very active and interesting.

1. Floating market in Vietnam is a unique symbol of culture and tradition
Totally, there are five floating markets in the Southwest of Vietnam. These markets lie in the Mekong Delta system. This area is a culturally diverse place where many immigrants have settled down. You will see the emerge when coming to the floating market. Once you are observing people shopping, living, selling and even dining on the boat, it’s time to make friends with local people.


The most well-known activity on Mekong Delta – floating markets or riverside markets

2. Make your own boat

Firstly, you have to travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Can Tho, then book a ticket to visit the largest market by small boat.

In general, the floating market often starts at 5 am and lasts until 12 pm. Thus, the best time to set the boat on the market is the early morning that you can see an overwhelming atmosphere and activities of the market spreading in your eyes. You will be on the floating, see an outstanding natural beauty of sunrise on the river with a cup of coffee that you can buy from floating store and take time to get to know about locals lives. Also, don’t forget to have your own breakfast with a very special taste food of the Mekong river.

Morning at the floating market | Saigon Riders

Floating market starts early in the morning

3. Tasting fresh tropical fruit on floating

The main goods of the floating market tour are the seasonal agricultural products and fresh tropical fruits. As you know as, Southeast region of Vietnam has a very big fruit garden on the Mekong river catering with flavoursome and colour tropical fruits like green mango, rambutan, “king-fruit” durian, outstanding type of Nam Roi Pomelo, pineapple and more. In addition, there are other agriculture product cabbage, potatoes, pumpkins, Mekong fish which are not only diverse but also rich in quality that you can find and try directly on a boat. You can have a fun journey with a very reasonable Can Tho floating market price.

A inspiritual colour of fruit on floating Market _ Saigon Riders

Fruits and vegetables are sold on the boats

4. It’s an experience

Seeing the part of the world in terms of history, geography and sociology are more educational than just reading in the textbook. With the unique of land and people, you may get and gather in your mind something specific such as a new taste of food, the aspects of different culture, understand deeply about people and places. That you can make a boat on the move and chat to the local people, ask the question if you are curious in mind when you see something for the first time. You will realize that how the interesting different ways of life, work, family, environment and even new language on the Mekong River.

the beauty sightseeing in the morning _ Saigon Rider

The dawn on Mekong River has its own charm

5. It’s a cheap day trip

Can Tho city is the capital of the Mekong Delta and is famous for its is Cai Rang Floating market. And, you can budget your Can Tho floating market tour price from Saigon for 2 days 1 night with the very friendly tour price included the accommodation fee (around $10usd/night) and transportation fee ( around $25/ one trip). That is the trip combinations you can enjoy both the sightseeing of Can Tho city and the floating market tour as well as. Furthermore, all the agriculture products and fresh fruits directly come from the local farms, so that you can buy everything cheaper if compared with other City. Whether you’ve decided to organize or book a day trip, you will absolutely save much money and save time to discover both of these attractions.

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